Loan Chain Advantages

• We can arrange for you to receive interest rates of up to 22.75%

• Our blockchain smart contracts guarantee absolute security and total transparency

• We guarantee that you will receive back your full principal even in the case of payment default

• You can choose to be part of Group Lending if you only have a limited amount of available cash

• You decide on the tenure of your lending agreement and the repayment plan you want

• Simple and user-friendly app for your convenience

• Quick and efficient credit rating approval process

Loan-Chain is the simplest and easiest way to make your money work for you by joining the exciting new era of alternative finance means and peer-to-peer lending. All you need to do is inform us with your exact specifications in terms of how much you wish to lend out, and what your requirements are in terms of the person you are lending to, as well as the interest rate you wish to receive back. We will conduct all the background checks required on your behalf and we can guarantee you that all the people you are lending to have been 100% verified using Smart contracts and utilizing the most advanced blockchain technology. Our app is user-friendly and quick to download, offering you a more convenient and highly personalized experience than other peer-to-peer lending companies.

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