Loan Chain Advantages

• Choose an interest rate between 2.5%-22.75% on your investment

• Choose your risk category
– High Risk – 17%-22.75% return on your money
– Medium Risk – 7%-16.75% return on your money
– Low Risk – 2.5%-6.75% return on your money

• Decide on what contract to accept depending on risk factor

• Guaranteed to get your principal sum back

When you decide to invest with us by lending money, you will receive better rates of return than you would normally expect from your investments. Your loan will be recorded on a secure and transparent blockchain which records all contracts and comes with a built-in protocol to execute contracts automatically. We have also developed our own Loan-Chain User Credit Rating System, which operates in conjunction with Zhima Credit, to evaluate borrowers quickly and efficiently in order to assess their risk level and offer them the interest rate for which they qualify. Our application is easy-to-use, simple to understand, and quick to download, offering you a convenient, reliable and trustworthy service to help you attain better returns on your money.

Investors can choose the amount of money they wish to lend out and they then have multiple choices of the different types of loans you can be involved in. You can choose whether to invest in high, medium or low risk levels, and the higher the risk the better the returns. You can also choose to diversify by allocating a certain amount to be allotted to each category, or enter into a Lending Fund with other investors to make bigger loans than your personal funds allow for. You can also specify the minimum rate of interest that you are willing to receive on your money. You will periodically be informed of borrowers that you have been matched with, and you can then choose whether or not to accept the contract. If you accept the contract you will then be given monthly updates to notify you of the repayments, and we will contact the borrower on your behalf in case of late payments. We will also undertake to pay you back your principal sum should the borrower default on the loan.

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