• You must be a Chinese Citizen

• You must be between 18-55 years old

• Loan-Chain Lending Agreements are variable and flexible.

• You decide how much you wish to lend, from 1,000–3,000,000 Yuan

• You decide on the tenure of your lending agreement, from 1 month–3 years

• You decide on how much interest you wish to receive, up to 24%

• You decide on what repayment plan you wish your agreement to adopt, from weekly–monthly

Start Offering Loans Today!

Applying is simple and it will just take a few minutes.

Step 1: Download the application.

Step 2: Sign up to create your own personal account.

Step 3: Specify which types of loans you wish to facilitate. (Debt consolidation, Small business loan, Start-up capital, Medical Bills, Home improvements, Children’s tuition fees, New luxury purchase, Special event, Others – please specify)

Step 4: Choose the minimum and maximum amount you wish to lend out, and whether you agree to be part of our Group Lending Initiatives.

Step 5: Choose what level of risk level you would to invest in.

Step 6: Choose the minimum rate of interest you wish to receive on your money.

Step 7: Our Loan-Lending Platform will then assess your requirements and link you up with people in need of a loan which match those requirement after they have been vetted and credit checked by our Loan-Chain User Credit Rating System. You will be sent a contract to review with a repayment plan and term of loan agreement.

Step 8: You will be asked to approve the contract and the Terms & Conditions.

Step 9: You will receive confirmation of the commencement of the contract.

Step 10: You will receive confirmation that the funds have been released within 24 hours.

Step 11: You will then receive monthly confirmation receipts of repayments.