Loan Chain Advantages

• We can arrange for loans of up to 2 Million Yuan

• Interest Rates as low as 3.25%

•Same day approval and transfer of funds

• Our blockchain smart contracts guarantee absolute security and total transparency

• Flexible loan tenure and payment plan options

• Simple and user-friendly app for your convenience

• Quick and efficient loan-lending approval process

LoanChain is the simplest, fastest and most secure method of getting a personal loan online, and we also cater to small businesses and start-ups in need of a financial boost. Any loans are approved and verified using Smart contracts and utilizing the most advanced blockchain technology in order to ensure that any money transferred through us is 100% secure. Our app is user-friendly and quick to download, offering you a more convenient and highly personalized experience than other peer-to-peer loan companies, and helping to connect thousands of lenders and borrowers while also conducting all the background checks on behalf of our members.

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