Loan Chain Advantages

• Interest rates from 3.25%-24%

• You will be evaluated and offered a loan agreement with fair interest rates within 24 hours

• Your loan agreement will be recorded on a secure and transparent blockchain

• Contracts are executed automatically

• You can choose between different payment plans, tenure of contract and interest rates

When you decide to borrow money through us you can be offered a loan within 24 hours and with fair and honest rates of interest. You enter your details and you are then evaluated by our own Loan-Chain User Credit Rating System, which operates in conjunction with Zhima Credit, in order to assess your risk level and decide which interest rate you qualify for. You will be presented with various options of lenders and you can then choose which one you would like to proceed with. Your loan agreement will be recorded on a secure and transparent blockchain which records all contracts and comes with a built-in protocol to execute contracts automatically. Our application is easy-to-use, simple to understand, and very quick to download, offering you a fast and convenient service to help you attain the loan you need.

You loan agreement can never be manipulated, changed or altered without your permission and your credit score does not get affected by however many loan applications you make. You will be afforded easy payment options which you can make through your bank and many other internet finance tech companies like Wechat Pay and Alipay, among others. We can also offer you delivery of funds for approved loans within 24 hours of the signing of your loan agreement.

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