11/07/17 LoanChain are pleased to announce that we have been approved to launch in several countries in the Asia-Pacific region

We are delighted to announce that we have now been approved for launch in several new regions outside the Peoples’ Republic of China.

After many months of discussions we have now been approved by the regulatory bodies of several countries within the Asia-Pacific region, and we will soon have a presence in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines.

This is the first step in our global strategy of establishing LoanChain outside the People’s Republic of China as a prestigious peer-to-peer loan company and an industry leader. We have set out from the start to be a truly global company and our development has always been based on our strategy of spreading world-wide.

This first round of approval and individual agreements with countries within the Asia-Pacific region is only the beginning and we are now looking to enter into agreements to launch in regions outside Asia.

We are currently in discussions with several countries in Europe, as well as the USA and Canada, and we are in the process of ensuring that we comply with all the different jurisdictions’ regulations. We have also submitted for LoanChain approval to iTunes and Google Play for these new jurisdictions.

We look forward to soon be an established presence worldwide as we continue with our plans to become a global industry leader.

About Us:

LoanChain is the progressive new project founded and developed by the Fintech giant Shifu Jinrong Group, who have been behind some of the biggest Fintech platforms in China. LoanChain is a mobile application-based peer-to-peer platform which is sleek and easy-to-use, and which offers a quick, efficient and completely secure online loan service using our very own advanced blockchain, developed to record and secure all smart digital contracts on a blockchain. It aims to give investors the opportunity to gain high returns on their money, while at the same time affording borrowers a simpler and quicker way to secure the funds that they need.