07/06/17 LoanChain are proud to announce reaching a new milestone in loans

We are extremely proud to announce that we have now reached a new and significant milestone in terms of loans which have been arranged through our LoanChain mobile application platform.

At present there is more than 800 million RMB invested through our mobile application and this is true testament to the hard work and excellence of our whole team.

This was our primary target when we launched the LoanChain application and we have worked extremely hard to achieve our objective of reaching this landmark within the first six months of operations.

We believe that this is merely the start as we look to expand and move into new regions outside the People’s Republic of China, and continue our growth and development in order to become a global industry leader in the peer-to-peer loaning marketplace.

About Us:

LoanChain is the progressive new project founded and developed by the Fintech giant Shifu Jinrong Group, who have been behind some of the biggest Fintech platforms in China. LoanChain is a mobile application-based peer-to-peer platform which is sleek and easy-to-use, and which offers a quick, efficient and completely secure online loan service using our very own advanced blockchain, developed to record and secure all smart digital contracts on a blockchain. It aims to give investors the opportunity to gain high returns on their money, while at the same time affording borrowers a simpler and quicker way to secure the funds that they need.