13/02/17 LoanChain proudly announce a strategic new partnership with Zhima Xinyong

We are pleased to announce that we have now entered into a strategic partnership with Zhima Xinyong (Sesami Credit), Ant Financial’s official Credit Scoring Service.

We have always understood that it is of vital importance for our peer-to-peer loan application platform to have a credible and completely accurate credit scoring system in order to evaluate the prospective borrowers on behalf of our investors.

While we have complete confidence in our own Loan-Chain User Credit Rating System, which was developed by our outstanding Research & Development team, we felt that it was important to be as comprehensive as possible in offering security to give our investors total assurance.

We have looked at all the financial platforms in the People’s Republic of China and beyond, and we have concluded that the best and most applicable and appropriate credit scoring service for our project is Alibaba’s financial arm Ant Financial’s Zhima Xinyong (Sesami Credit) user-based online credit scoring service.

This is a service which generates credit scores based on the online behavior of consumers in Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall marketplace and it’s the first of its kind in China. This has now been fully integrated with our system to produce a highly advanced and completely comprehensive credit scoring system.

Our investors can now feel secure in the knowledge that every borrower has been evaluated in the most comprehensive way possible. At the same time, every borrower can be assured that they will be evaluated fairly in order to ensure that they are placed in the correct risk assessment level and not therefore given access to more funds than they can manage.

We feel that this is another big step in the right direction as we seek to improve the service which our mobile application offers to our clients, as well as helping us to expand into other territories beyond the People’s Republic of China.

We now look forward to the next step in the development of our project.

About Us:

LoanChain is the progressive new project founded and developed by the Fintech giant Shifu Jinrong Group, who have been behind some of the biggest Fintech platforms in China. LoanChain is a mobile application-based peer-to-peer platform which is sleek and easy-to-use, and which offers a quick, efficient and completely secure online loan service using our very own advanced blockchain, developed to record and secure all smart digital contracts on a blockchain. It aims to give investors the opportunity to gain high returns on their money, while at the same time affording borrowers a simpler and quicker way to secure the funds that they need.