18/01/17 LoanChain are pleased to report full accreditation by the CBRC

We are happy to be able to assure our clients that we are now fully accredited by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC).

The CBRC is an agency within the People’s Republic of China which has been authorized by the State Council to regulate and standardize the banking sector of China.

It was set up in response to the non-transparent business practices and fraudulent activities prevalent in the financial industry, and we are extremely happy to be able to conform to the rules and regulations which have been put in place for the good of all investors.

We have been working towards this end from the start of the LoanChain project and we are happy to finally be able to announce that we are in complete accordance with all the requirements set out by this regulatory body.

We now look forward to taking the next step in the development of the LoanChain project as we seek to further improve our product.

About Us:

LoanChain is the progressive new project founded and developed by the Fintech giant Shifu Jinrong Group, who have been behind some of the biggest Fintech platforms in China. LoanChain is a mobile application-based peer-to-peer platform which is sleek and easy-to-use, and which offers a quick, efficient and completely secure online loan service using our very own advanced blockchain, developed to record and secure all smart digital contracts on a blockchain. It aims to give investors the opportunity to gain high returns on their money, while at the same time affording borrowers a simpler and quicker way to secure the funds that they need.