02/01/17 Shifu Jinrong announce the launch of a new blockchain technology

We are proud to announce that we have now developed our very own highly advanced blockchain which is to be used primarily in our impending peer-to-peer project.

Our blockchain has been created over many months of development by our vast and excellent Research & Development team who have been working together with a select group of specialists who have been brought in for this project.

It has highly advanced integrated smart contract capabilities which will allow us to be able to use it in any future peer-to-peer projects that we launch, starting with our forthcoming LoanChain mobile phone application.

The blockchain can be used to record and secure any loan agreements while ensuring a new level of transparency in digital contracts, and it can also be used for other purposes, like to facilitate online payment methods, our crowd funding platform, and the development of crypto currencies, as well as providing an alternative to banking institutions.

This should also help to provide assurance to an industry which has been historically fraught with financial fraud and public mistrust.

We are proud to be able to declare the completion of this project and we now look forward to announcing the launch of our LoanChain mobile application platform.

About Us:

LoanChain is the progressive new project founded and developed by the Fintech giant Shifu Jinrong Group, who have been behind some of the biggest Fintech platforms in China. LoanChain is a mobile application-based peer-to-peer platform which is sleek and easy-to-use, and which offers a quick, efficient and completely secure online loan service using our very own advanced blockchain, developed to record and secure all smart digital contracts on a blockchain. It aims to give investors the opportunity to gain high returns on their money, while at the same time affording borrowers a simpler and quicker way to secure the funds that they need.