Welcome to the Future of Lending

LoanChain is China's #1 lending network with over 800 million RMB in loans executed. Through the power of blockchain technology, digital currencies and smart contracts are changing the landscape of global finance and business. LoanChain harnesses the same revolutionary technology to make lending safer and easier than ever before.

More than just loans.

LoanChain is a network connecting thousands of lenders and borrowers. The powerful LC App builds trust though the transparent blockchain, LoanChain Rating System fully integrated with Zhima Xinyong, background checks, and verified social connections. This system has made LoanChain China's most trusted lending network.

Technology Partners

LoanChain didn't build China's most trusted lending network alone. Our technology partners include innovators from around the world.

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Currently only available within the People's Republic of China -- expanding globally in Q4 2017.